Full Spectrum Training

What We Do

Full Spectrum Training Specializes in

  • Weight Loss: We can help you navigate the seas on information regarding diet, exercise, and weight loss. Using our Inbody body composition scale we can effectively determine your starting point and provide detailed information regarding your progress.
  • Gaining Muscle: We can help you add the lean muscle you’ve been looking for in a safe time efficient manner.
  • Sports Performance Training: We are uniquely qualified to help you improve your performance, no matter what sport you play.  From our unique training equipment to our years of experience helping hundreds of athletes in a wide variety of sports from the youth to the professional level, we can optimize your performance and get you playing at your highest possible level.
  • Functional Training: Are nagging aches and pains holding you back from achieving your goals?  We can develop a program to help restore optimum performance and get you feeling your best. 
  • Corporate Wellness: Healthier happy employees are more productive and miss less time at work due to illness or injury, which leads to increased revenue.
FST - Full Spectrum Training: catalyst-hlp-gym-volley-ball
Whether you are a youth athlete working towards a scholarship, an aspiring professional, or a weekend warrior, we have the experience & know how to take your game to the next level.