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Personal Training

Private Personal Training 

During a private personal training session at Full Spectrum Training our sole focus is on you and your needs. This will allow you to quickly overcome any barriers and to ensure consistent progress. Private personal training allows for additional time to focus on detailed athletic programming, development of efficient movement patterns, as well as extra attention for those who are unaccustomed to exercise or have issues that may require more in depth coaching. A variety of private training session options are available. Pricing is based on the session length and the number of sessions purchased. Please call or email for more information.

Semi Private & Small Group Training 

At Full Spectrum Training we are strong believers in the power of group training. Working in a group expands your support network, which is a valuable resource for achieving your goals. Additionally, semi private and small group training means you're part of a team. Not only will others push you outside your comfort zone, but you'll be pushing your teammates as well. Training becomes something you are a part of and not just something you have to do. All group programs can be modified to meet your individual goals and abilities. Pricing varies depending on the session length and group size. Please call or email for more information.

FST Coaching Program 

Take a minute and think about your fitness goals.  How successful have you been in achieving your highest fitness priorities? Are you making solid progress or are you just spinning your wheels? There is no more precious commodity then time, and there’s nothing more frustrating then investing time and effort and not seeing the results you’re after.  The FST Coaching program provides you with expert help and guidance to ensure consistent measurable progress towards your fitness goals. Members of the FST Coaching Program receive a 30 day workout plan that is custom tailored for each individual and their specific goals.  The program can be performed in  our state of the art gym or at the gym of their choice.  We will answer any questions that may arise and we will make any necessary adjustments to the program to ensure your success.  Please call or email for more information.

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Whether you are a youth athlete working towards a scholarship, an aspiring professional, or a weekend warrior, we have the experience & know how to take your game to the next level.