Full Spectrum Training

Training Staff

My name is Steve Laubenberg.  I’m the head performance coach at Full Spectrum Training. My career in the fitness and performance industry started in 1996.  Over the past 25 years I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of high school, collegiate and professional athletes in numerous sports such as football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse and both indoor and beach volleyball. I also have a tremendous amount of experience with weekend warriors and those looking for general health and fitness.  Whether your goals are to lose body fat or add lean muscle or your goals are more performance related such as  faster sprint times, higher vertical jumps or improving your agility, I can help.  I’m passionate about getting my clients the results they seek.
“I view the coach/client relationship as a partnership.  My job is to develop programs that will produce results and that my clients enjoy doing.  I believe consistency is the key to achieving your goals and if you don’t enjoy what your doing your not going to want to do it consistently”